How to Store Your Cannabis

How to Store Your Cannabis

Store Cannabis and Keep Your Weed Fresh

Cannabis is a delicate flower that needs special handling. How you store your cannabis is key in maintaining quality and flavor. By locking in the freshness of your flower, you also ensure a consistent, enjoyable experience every time you smoke. 

Protect your stash, and don’t overlook properly storing your bud. After all, if you are spending your hard-earned money on quality flower, you’re going to want to keep it at its best. 

If you’re looking to learn how to keep your weed fresh, Green has got you covered. We’ll cover how light, temperature, humidity, and airflow all impact the longevity of your bud. 


Whether hot or cold, extreme temperature can wreak havoc on your flower. If it’s too cold, you run the risk of damaging the flowers’ trichomes – the sticky glands that hold cannabinoids and terpenes. On the other hand, temperatures too warm can promote mildew and mold growth. Because of this, it is recommended you store your cannabis between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Avoid keeping your flower in places where temperatures can fluctuate. This includes the kitchen, where heat from the oven and microwave can diminish the quality or near air vents. This also includes your vehicle, which can act like a greenhouse and cook your product during the hot summer months. 

Humidity and Moisture

While it may seem like the refrigerator is a good stash location because of its temperature-controlled climate, never store your weed in the fridge or freezer. The reason for this is because of the humidity and moisture, which are the biggest threats to your cannabis’ shelf life. 

When you buy cannabis from a dispensary, it comes cured, meaning the moisture has already been removed. Cannabis with too much moisture can degrade the integrity of the flower, while excessively dry cannabis becomes brittle and loses potency and taste. Cultivators when curing cannabis strike the perfect balance, so you don’t need to worry about it when you buy it. Maintaining this balance is crucial to keep your flower fresh, so be sure to avoid storing it in places like the fridge, bathroom, or anywhere the cannabis can be exposed to moisture. 


Just like how the sun ages us, the same goes for cannabis. Exposing your cured cannabis to sunlight is the fastest way to depreciate it. Similar to temperature and moisture, the delicate cannabinoids in marijuana are very sensitive to sunlight and break down from it. To keep your bud tasting the best, store it in a dark place away from UV rays. 


Airflow is another important factor to consider when storing your weed. To keep your flower fresh, avoid using a container too large. If there is too much space in the container, the air in it can oxidize and break down the flower’s chemical profile over time. You can reduce exposure to air by using an appropriate-sized, air-tight container. Mason jars, for example, work great for this. 

How to keep your weed fresh?

The bottom line when it comes to how you store your cannabis: keep it dry, dark, and cool. Along with the tips outlined above, we also recommend avoiding metal or plastic containers. While they are okay for short-term use, both can affect the aroma and taste in the long run. This is because of the static charge on the materials that could affect the fragile trichomes. 

The rule of thumb for storing cannabis is that glass containers reign supreme. Not only are they air-sealed, but the materials do not affect the trichomes, and you won’t run the risk of crushing it like how you would a plastic bag. 

If this is information overload, don’t worry. You can always keep your weed fresh by smoking it in a timely fashion. 😉

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