How to Roll a Joint or Blunt

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Looking to roll your own joint or blunt for the first time? Don’t worry— our Las Vegas cannabis experts are here to help you out. Here’s everything you need to roll a joint or roll a blunt at home, including all of the materials you need to get the job done.

Joints vs. Blunts: What’s the Difference?

First, let’s talk joints and blunts. If you’re new to cannabis, you might have thought that these were just two different names for the same thing. While they are similar, there’s one important distinction.


A joint is made from a bit of cannabis rolled up inside a thin piece of rolling paper which can be made from hemp, rice, paper, or some other material. Joints will also feature a filter of some sort, which helps you stabilize the rolled joint and let you smoke without burning your fingers.


A blunt is a roll of cannabis placed inside a cigar or something known as a blunt wrap. The main difference is that cigars and blunt wraps feature tobacco. They also tend to be bigger and longer lasting than joints.

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How Much Cannabis Should You Put in a Joint or Blunt?

When it comes to joints, we recommend starting with around ½ a gram of cannabis for normal sized rolling papers. Once you’re comfortable with rolling and smoking a homemade joint, you can move up to joints with a full gram— the amount most commonly found in store-bought pre-rolls.


Blunts, on the other hand, tend to be bigger than joints. Usually they’ll feature 1-2 grams, but larger cigar-based blunts may need even more. If you’re planning a smoking circle, consider the amount of people who will be there and how much you’ll need.

Step-by-Step Guide to Roll the Perfect Joint

The first thing you’ll need to do is gather your supplies. Here are the basics:

  • Whichever cannabis strain you want to include in your joint
  • Rolling paper
  • A crutch (also known as a tip or filter). Some joint papers include these in the package, but you can also make one out of thin cardboard or a business card
  • Cannabis grinder
  • Packing tool (optional)

First, you’ll need to break down your cannabis. A grinder is a great tool for this that keeps your hands from getting sticky. If you don’t have one, you can always use scissors or your hands.

Next, you may want to make a crutch or filler. You can use cardboard or a business card, and simply make a few accordion-style folds at one end, then roll the material to roughly the thickness you want your joint to be. If you don’t have a material for a crutch, feel free to skip this step.

It’s now time to fill your rolling paper with cannabis, then roll it. Pinch the paper between your fingertips and roll it back and forth, packing the cannabis down. Then, lick the top edge of the paper and give it one last roll— making sure to leave a bit of empty space without cannabis at the tip. Make sure you have a good seal all the way down, then give the end a good twist to keep everything inside. 

If you have a pen, shoelace, or toothpick handy, you can use it to poke the cannabis from the open end and pack it down more tightly before finishing with your final twist.

Perfect joint roll

Step-by-Step Guide to Roll the Perfect Blunt

First, gather your supplies:

  • Your favorite cannabis strain
  • Blunt wrap, cigar, or cigarillo
  • Grinder (optional)
  • Blade (optional)

First, grind your cannabis. Then it’s time to prepare your wrap, whether it’s an emptied cigarillo or ready-made tobacco wrap. 

Cut your blunt open lengthwise (or break it open carefully with your fingers), empty out the tobacco in the center if necessary, and fill it with your ground cannabis of choice.

Now it’s time to pack the blunt and roll the paper with a careful back-and-forth rolling motion between your fingers. Often, moistening the blunt wrap first will keep it from cracking during this step.

Now it’s time to light up and enjoy your first homemade blunt!

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