Green Ambassador Spotlight: Lady Led Collabs

Green Ambassador Spotlight: Lady Led Collabs

Lady Led Collabs Las Vegas

Sea-shell stash boxes, cannabis corsages, and a green-haired mermaid fitted in a cannabis leaf bra and tail this was not your average prom night.

Lady Led Collab’s “Under the Sea Weed” themed Cannabis Prom was anything but standard. And it’s these types of unconventional mixers that have earned them notoriety as Las Vegas’s most creative tastemakers. 

The masterminds behind Lady Led Collabs, Bri Padilla and Rebecca Perrick, have reimagined what it means to network and collaborate in the cannabis space, and their curated events serve as a looking glass into the future they envision for the industry.

Navigating the Unknown

Padilla and Perrick are the duo that’s better together but certainly forces within their own rights. Prior to the start of Lady Led Collabs, the two had already built strong reputations for themselves. 

Padilla brings to the table an extensive background in advocacy. She was one of the founding members of Las Vegas NORML, and today, she continues this passion through efforts with the Chamber of Cannabis

Perrick, prior to joining the cannabis space, earned her Bachelor’s in Health Science and Master’s in Occupational Therapy. An expert in the human body, she says her educational prowess has been instrumental to her career in cannabis. 

By the time Padilla and Perrick met through Women Grow Las Vegas, their passion for cannabis was long established. It was their connection over creating spaces for women and allies, however, that set the stage for a bond that would forever leave a mark on the Las Vegas cannabis scene. 

In 2018, the duo began curating events together as part of Women Grow. Their mission: empower, educate, and connect in ways that left meaningful impacts on their attendees. Their partnership grew over the years, but it was when the pandemic hit that Lady Led Collabs was officially established.

As many brands struggled to navigate through the pandemic, Perrick and Padilla felt called to build a more local identity. During this time, they decided to branch out from Women Grow and rebrand themselves as Lady Led Collabs. 

Charting the uncertainty of the pandemic wasn’t easy, but the two pulled off some of the first-ever cannabis events in Las Vegas. 

“We’re the first group doing the consumption events at NUWU tasting lounge,” said Perrick. “Every touch point was considered, and we put in so many safety precautions. To be able to set the formula for what’s safe during COVID and what’s compliant is very exciting.” 

Anything but Standard

Lady Led Collab’s events with NUWU tasting lounge are just one of many industry firsts. Being as seasoned as they are in the cannabis space, Padilla and Perrick have experienced first-hand the standard networking mixers, and it’s their experience they draw on when curating their own events.

“When I was with NORML, all of the events were in some back alley or warehouse,” said Padilla. “It was fun, but you felt kind of illicit. We really changed the spirit of that with just the space.”

Their initial vision was to curate more mainstream-friendly events ones they wish they had when they first joined the space. But what started as panels and discussions has morphed into some of the most out-of-the-box events in Las Vegas. 

Today, the two host everything from masquerade balls to cannabis spa days, speed dating to holiday bashes, and those panels they used to host are now week-long extravaganzas featuring raffles, games, and dozens of activation stations. Suffice to say, nothing is too extraordinary for these two to tackle. 

They say that through this philosophy, they’ve been able to not only unify cannabis professionals, but also bring cannabis brands’ visions to life. 

“Brands get a lot of the same experience duplicated, so we love to make it unique for them,” said Perrick. “If they launch a topical, we’ll bring in a massage therapist. One event we matched the terpenes to the nicotine-free hookah flavors. The experience always shifts.”

“That’s something that brands want,” chimed Padilla. “It’s on us to be thoughtful, creative, and impactful.”

Collaboration Not Competition

Their events aren’t extraordinary just for the sake of being fun, explains Lady Led Collabs. They say that through curating playful and engaging spaces, they are able to inspire vulnerability and ultimately facilitate connection easier. 

“The secret sauce is activities,” said Padilla. “We know people struggle with social anxiety. That’s why we create things like scavenger cards, so if you’re feeling awkward, you can excuse yourself and go on your scavenger hunt.” 

“It’s what keeps it feeling safe and natural,” added Perrick. “Not forced and stiff like a lot of other networking events.”

From the very first event they threw together in 2018, Perrick and Padilla have recognized the missing needs of the cannabis industry, and it’s why they’ve adopted a “collaboration not competition” mentality as their guiding star.

Through their events, they’ve seen the greater impact of working together and how more can be achieved through collaboration. 

“I’ve been pulled aside many times by someone and told, ‘Hey I got that job,’ or ‘Hey, I’m on Forbes,’ because of our events,” said Padilla. “To be even a small part in the chemistry that causes that reaction is humbling,”

“We would never hold a contact hostage,” added Perrick. “That’s the opposite of the spirit we’re trying to do. We’re trying to grow the community and water it.”

Making it look as easy as they do is part of the magic, but behind the scenes, their events are planned long in advance, sometimes years. Their Primp & Pre-Game event, for instance, was on their drawing board for a year prior to execution. 

As far as how they dream up their ideas, it can come down to a word. 

“I can get inspired by a word or a phrase,” said Padilla. “The idea you start with is so different from the idea you combine, twist, and adjust with,” added Perrick. “It’s a fun dynamic, and I’m really lucky. There’s never a dull moment.”

Sad you missed out on Cannabis Prom? Stay tuned for their upcoming Homecoming Dance.  Follow Lady Led Collabs on Instagram to be the first to know when events are scheduled. You can also follow Bri Padilla and Rebecca Perrick on Instagram. 

Green Cannabis Co. is a proud sponsor of Lady Led Collab events. 

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