Green Ambassador Spotlight: Darby-Lynn Wilson

Green Ambassador Spotlight: Darby-Lynn Wilson

Darby Lynn Wilson Green Dispensary Las Vegas

Darby-Lynn Wilson had big plans for the future when she moved to Las Vegas at the age of 21. But within a few months of arriving, her path would forever change due to her mother’s rapidly deteriorating health. 

After extensive testing, the doctors came back with the results. Her mother would need a double liver-kidney transplant, a surgery that requires life-long aftercare. The fate of her mother’s future was uncertain. 

Not being able to receive the care she needed in Las Vegas, the two moved to San Diego, where, thanks to the work of the University of California San Diego (UCSD), they were able to access cutting-edge medical technology. 

It was here, though, that her mother received a treatment as old as time, one that would help her fully regain her health: cannabis. 

Having cared for her mother during the entirety of her treatment, Darby-Lynn experienced first-hand the life-changing effects of cannabis. It ignited a passion so deep that she decided to dedicate her life to empowering people through cannabis education. 

Plant Power

By the time of her operation, her mother’s health had hit an all-time low. Bedridden for 7 months at this point, her body began to atrophy. Muscles deteriorated; bones turned to sponge. Relearning how to move everything was one of many mountains she’d have to overcome in the next coming months. 

One day during her recovery at the hospital, a nurse approached her and offered what felt like a beacon of hope. 

Her mother was approved for one of the first synthetic forms of CBD. This treatment, administered on a slow drip, would help her regain her strength and boost her immunity, her nurse believed. 

When she first started the treatment, her hands were concave. CBD being a proven anti-inflammatory, subdued the inflammation in her body, allowing her to stretch and regain mobility. 

Through the power of cannabis, she was eventually discharged from the hospital. Weighing only 92lbs at the time of discharge, her health journey was far from over.  

“It was heartbreaking because growing up, I was a mommy’s girl,” said Wilson. “She was my whole world. It was just me and her.” 

Darby-Lynn had realized the medical benefits of cannabis long before her mother’s treatment. She had been actively using the plant to treat chronic nausea and anxiety since she was 16 years old. 

Knowing her mother’s immunity was too weak to handle high-dose pharmaceuticals, and the risk of opioid dependency runs high for surgery outpatients, the two decided to continue a treatment course exclusively on cannabis. 

“As soon as she got that treatment, I could see a difference,” said Wilson. “She started in a wheelchair, moved to a walker, then to a cane in a 4 year period. Now she can walk on her own.” 

Knowledge for Good

With her mother now on a path of recovery, Darby-Lynn could continue the aspirations she had when she had initially moved to Las Vegas: to enter the cannabis industry.

Now lit with a passion for the medicinal side of the plant, she quickly got a job as a budtender at Exhale, formerly known as The Clinic. At this time, cannabis was only medically legal. With fewer customers to see daily, she had time to deeply research the plant and learn how it interacts with the body.

“It was a different time,” she explained. “We had time to give to our patients. We had 30 to 45 minutes to research their symptoms together.” 

As her expertise grew, so did her career and reputation. Over the course of a few years, Darby-Lynn made herself a household name in the Las Vegas cannabis industry. Her enthusiasm and profound understanding of plant medicine lead her to work with companies like Wallflower, CW Nevada, and Canna Hemp. 

It was with her position at Canna Hemp that she got to take her knowledge to a national level.

She spent time traveling the states, including Florida and Washington, sitting down with medical patients and helping them understand the healing benefits of cannabis

Educator of the Year

Today, Darby-Lynn works with one of Nevada’s most prestigious cultivation groups, Cannavative. Using her 6 years of expertise, she handles all of the group’s partnerships, ensuring they have the support they need, as well as manages the group’s growing education sector. 

Her mission, that which closely aligns with Cannavative’s, is to help people understand the true essence of the plant. 

“I think it can help everyone. It’s about finding out how and which cannabinoids benefit them best,” said Wilson.

After many years of hard work, Darby-Lynn began receiving recognition for her efforts. Most recently, her prowess earned her the title of “Educator of the Year” at the 2022 Las Vegas Cannabis Awards. 

“It was so humbling for me to be nominated for something like that, and it was even better to have my mom out to support me,” said Wilson. “I asked for her to be there because she was the reason I got the award; she’s the reason I’m passionate about cannabis.”

Giving her the reassurance she needed to double down on her path, Darby hopes that her passion can inspire others. 

“The more people feel like this plant works in their lives, the more they’re going to tell other people that it works,” she said. “It’s a ripple effect.”

Community Efforts

Beyond the cannabis industry, Darby-Lynn plans to make an impact on the greater community. One way she is working on this is by adding accessibility options for cannabis education. Nearly one-fourth of Las Vegas is Spanish speaking, yet the cannabis scene is scarce on bilingual content and educators. Through her position at Cannavative, she aims to change that. 

Darby-Lynn also still draws inspiration from her mother’s journey to find ways she can improve the community. One thing she has learned is the importance of honoring the social aspects of drinking.

“Most of my family are still drinkers, so during Christmas and Thanksgiving, they are cheerings,” said Wilson. “When she first got out, she was depressed that she lost this social portion of herself.” 

Nearly 30% of people who have liver and kidney transplants go back to drinking, even though the risks can be fatal. Darby-Lynn believes the answer to this is through edibles

“She can have a mixed cannabis-infused drink, and she can still feel included,” said Wilson. “It made the transition of her not being able to drink so much easier.”

Her mother’s story is one of the thousands who face similar hurdles – especially in Las Vegas, which has the highest density of bars and restaurants in the U.S.

Thousands of tourists come here to drink and regret it the next morning, Wilson explained. She believes cannabis is a way of “substituting some of the things in the medicine cabinet” without compromising health or social situations. 

Darby-Lynn Wilson is a proud ambassador of Green Cannabis Co. 

“The grand opening went fantastic, and the events Green hosts continue to grow, which speaks volumes about how you give back to the community.”

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