Dealing with a Bad High: What You Need to Know

Dealing with a Bad High: What You Need to Know

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Ever heard of a ‘bad trip?’ While using cannabis responsibly is 100% safe, it’s possible to have a dose of THC that takes you out of the zone of ‘fun and enjoyable’ and into feelings of discomfort. 

Here’s everything you need to know about bad highs.

What a ‘Bad High’ Means

Every once in a while, a cannabis user will realize that they’ve taken a bit higher of a dose than they wanted to or meant to take. Maybe it was because you ate too much of an edible because the effects took longer than expected to set in. Or maybe you thought that a product was less concentrated than it was, or you inhaled more deeply than you originally planned.

Whatever the cause, getting higher than you wanted to can be unpleasant. When it happens early in someone’s cannabis journey, it can sometimes be a turn-off to cannabis in general. But one bad experience doesn’t have to ruin cannabis for you, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that weed isn’t ‘right’ for you. Like anything, if you use something enough times or for long enough, you’re likely to have a negative experience at some point. Dealing with that experience responsibly means knowing what’s happening and how to handle it.

What to Expect from THC Overconsumption

First of all, it’s important to know that there have been exactly zero known cases of death by cannabis overdose in history. The very worst that you’re likely to experience is unpleasant or uncomfortable for a while until the high wears off.

That said, there are some telltale signs that you’ve gotten too high, and recognizing those signs can help you to stay calm and understand exactly what’s happening to you— and when you can expect it to be over.

Generally, cannabis highs tend to peak between 30 minutes to two hours after consumption— depending on how you ingested the cannabis. You may still feel some effects after this time, but they’ll be less intense and you’ll feel yourself returning from the high soon after this peak.

The signs of being too high generally include feelings of anxiety, confusion, elevated stress, particularly intense hallucinations, and nausea. While none of these are likely to cause serious health problems or threaten your safety, that doesn’t make them any less real when you’re experiencing them. So how can you help move through these symptoms and come out the other side?

How to Get Through a Bad High

While escaping a bad high does involve a level of simply riding out the storm, there are absolutely things you can do along the way that will make your discomfort less intense— and help you avoid experiences like it in the future.

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Know Yourself

One of the most important parts of responsible cannabis use is knowing your limits. This can help you avoid getting too high altogether, but it can also help you recognize when you’ve crossed that line and take the necessary action to lessen the coming high.

CBD to the Rescue

Did you know that CBD has been shown to be effective at counteracting the psychoactive effects of THC? Taking some CBD after one too many THC hits can help you taper off and smooth out the effects of the high, while reducing any anxiety you might be feeling as a result. 

The Power of Pepper

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It’s a strange-but-true phenomenon, but chewing on pepper has actually been shown to help decrease feelings of anxiety and paranoia for cannabis users in the middle of a bad high. Sometimes even just sniffing peppercorns can be enough to bring some relief, but for maximum effect, most folks recommend actually biting into them.

Stay Calm

Letting yourself panic will only increase feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Remind yourself that whatever you’re feeling will pass, get comfortable, and ride out the storm.

Walk It Out

If simply trying to wait out the high is difficult, get up and move. Sometimes going out into the fresh air, experiencing a different location, and getting your blood moving can be enough to calm the nerves and pass the time.

Distract Your Brain

Many of our customers say that the best way to get through a bad high is to stay busy or occupy your mind. Take a shower, binge a favorite, laid-back TV show, listen to relaxing music, chat with anyone who happens to be with you, do a coloring book, or eat a snack that you love. Anything to focus on other than the unpleasant feeling of being too high.

While bad highs can happen, our team at Green is all about helping you have the best highs and most positive experiences possible from cannabis in Las Vegas. Check out our menu to find the right products for you.