Your First Cannabis Experience

Your First Cannabis Experience: How to Make Sure It’s Positive, Safe, and Enjoyable

It’s an unfortunate truth that many people put off using cannabis, something that could truly benefit and improve their lives in powerful ways, simply because they’re worried about taking that very first step— their first cannabis experience. Whether it’s social anxiety about not wanting to look foolish around more experienced users or concern that they won’t know how to properly use cannabis to ensure a positive first experience, all of these fears and anxieties are perfectly rational. But they shouldn’t have to get in the way of an enjoyable, positive first experience with cannabis.

Here are 7 tips to help ensure that your first experience with cannabis is a positive one.

1. Create a Safe Environment

When you’re using cannabis for the first time, you may be unsure about how to properly dose, and you’re also facing a question mark regarding how your body and mind will react to cannabis generally. That’s why we recommend using cannabis in the safety of your own home or a friend’s home, in a comfortable place, where you’ll feel peaceful and at ease. You don’t want to begin your high from a place of anxiety, which may affect how you feel during the experience.


2. Plan for No Plans

Girl Smoking Glass Bong In Comfort

It can be difficult to predict just how long a high will last, which is why it’s important to set aside a few hours with no plans that might require you to head out into the world and tackle responsibilities while still coming down from your high. However long you expect the high to last, give yourself a buffer of an hour or two just to be sure.


3. Surround Yourself with Trust

Loving friends sharing a meal having fun

While this goes for any cannabis experience, it’s especially true for your first one— only use psychoactive cannabis products around people that you know and trust fully. In worst-case scenarios, getting high with people who are untrustworthy might give them an opportunity to take advantage of your distracted mental state. Less dramatic but still important is the fact that being with people you love and trust will make you feel more at ease, comfortable, and secure when using cannabis for the first time.


4. Focus on Inhaling Properly

Many people who first try cannabis in a smoke or vapor form report that they don’t feel anything at all— this is almost always the result of a failure to inhale. Make sure that when you’re smoking or vaping that you actually inhale the vapors, which is the way that the cannabis is actually delivered into your body.


5. Choose the Right First-Time Consumption Method

Choosing whether to smoke, vape, use an edible, or drop from a tincture is an important decision for your first experience. Do some research into the different effects of consumption methods before starting. 

For example, edibles take much longer for effects to set in, but the highs can be very intense. This sometimes causes inexperienced users to take more edibles when they don’t immediately feel the effects of the first dose, then experience a too-intense high they didn’t plan for once it all kicks in.


6. Stay Hydrated & Fed

Girl pleasantly enjoying meal

Cannabis can have different effects on appetite and thirst for different people. Before starting your first cannabis session, make sure you have nutritious snacks and water handy. This will help you avoid a situation where you find yourself viciously hungry but unable to leave your house to go get food due to your high.


7. Don’t Push It

Your first cannabis experience can be an exciting, thrilling time. As you first feel the euphoric effects on your brain for the first time, you’ll realize just how wonderful that feeling can be. Just remember— you have a lifetime of responsible and safe cannabis use ahead of you. You don’t have to push it in this very first session. Over time, you’ll get to know your limits, proper dosage levels, favorite methods of consumption, and other unique ways that you interact with cannabis so that you can safely go further than this first day. 

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