Where Can You Legally Smoke Cannabis in Las Vegas?

Where Can You Legally Smoke Cannabis in Las Vegas?

Nevada Cannabis Legalization

Now that cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states around the nation, many people wonder where they’re actually allowed to enjoy their cannabis products. Here’s everything you need to know about where you can and can’t legally smoke cannabis in Las Vegas.

Is recreational cannabis legal in Las Vegas, NV?

Yes! In 2017, fans of cannabis in Las Vegas rejoiced when recreational cannabis officially became legal. Now, you’re free to purchase cannabis (up to the legal limit) anytime you like in Vegas, assuming you’re 21 or older.

That said, legalization doesn’t mean you’re free to enjoy your Las Vegas weed anywhere you’d like. While we’d all love to light up while taking in the lights of the strip or the Bellagio fountains, there are still rules about where you can and can’t smoke cannabis in Vegas. Here’s what you need to know.

Where You Can Smoke Cannabis in Las Vegas

As much as we’d love to say that Las Vegas is progressive about where you’re allowed to smoke cannabis, the truth is that the city isn’t quite there yet.

As of 2020, the only place the consumption of marijuana is legal is inside of a private residence. If this sounds restrictive, you should at least be pleased to know that you are allowed to go as far as your porch or patio! We know, that doesn’t give you a lot of options. But at least we’re one of the few states that allow recreational use at all!

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Where You Can’t Smoke Cannabis in Las Vegas

The answer to this question is that you can’t smoke cannabis, well, anywhere. If it’s not a private residence, consuming cannabis there is technically illegal. That includes hotel rooms, casinos, restaurants, and anywhere in public streets. Doing so can land you a several-hundred dollar fine.

Cannabis laws in Las Vegas are designed to avoid encouraging ‘public consumption.’ Generally, if you’re using cannabis discreetly, you won’t draw the notice of the public or authorities and won’t be bothered.

Where You Can Buy Cannabis in Las Vegas

Though you can only use cannabis in private residences, the spots where you can buy it are much more accessible. There are now multiple recreational cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas— though we personally feel that none offer the same combination of quality, value, and eco-conscious commitment that Green does ;). 

Best Cannabis Products for Discrete Consumption

Looking to enjoy cannabis discreetly in Las Vegas? We recommend trying consumption methods other than smoking. Edibles are a great choice, as are tinctures that allow you to enjoy a concentrated cannabis dose in the form of oil applied to the tongue. These are less likely to attract attention than the signature cloud and aroma of cannabis smoke.

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