Top 10 420 Friendly Activities in Vegas

Top 10 4/20-Friendly Activities in Vegas

Las Vegas Strip

While consuming cannabis in public is technically not allowed in Las Vegas, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great activities that you can enjoy after consuming in the comfort of your own home. We wanted to share our list of the best, most 4/20-friendly activities in and around Las Vegas. Just remember to always smoke responsibly, and check out our menu to find some of the highest-quality, best priced and most sustainably produced cannabis products in Las Vegas.


Get High at the Top with Topgolf

Top Golf Las Vegas

Topgolf is currently all the rage in Las Vegas and around the world, and we think that the activity of hitting golf balls from a high-up booth with friends while eating delicious food pairs perfectly with the high lifestyle. Vegas’s Topgolf is located right near the strip, making it the perfect stop on your tour of the Vegas high-life.


Ride The Cannabus

Even though the history of legal cannabis use in Las Vegas only goes back a few years, there are still plenty of fascinating things to learn and spots to visit. Why not take a tour on the Cannabus, a bus tour that will take you from a cultivation farm to a production kitchen with plenty of stops at cannabis dispensaries along the way. Actually consuming cannabis on the bus is currently forbidden, but it’s still a great trip for cannabis lovers!

Take in the Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas

Beautiful colors, amazing patterns, and a captivating show that’s paired with beautiful music. If only there were some way to make experiencing the Bellagio Fountains even more amazing and psychedelic…

Perfectly located on the Vegas Strip, the fountains are a must-see destination for cannabis enthusiasts and non-users alike.

Pay Homage to the Criminal Past of Cannabis at the Mob Museum

Las Vegas and the Mob go way, way back— they were even instrumental in the founding of the city. Like Las Vegas itself, the cannabis industry doesn’t have entirely legal roots. Celebrate this wonderful connection by visiting the amazing Mob Museum located in downtown Las Vegas. You can learn about the city’s criminal history, follow famous mobsters through history, and even plan a high-st…ahem, a heist with your friends.

Be Amazed by the Red Rock Canyons

Red Rock Canyon in Nevada

You don’t have to stay in Las Vegas to experience something amazing. The Red Rock Canyons are just a short drive from the city and offer a beautiful spot to be both literally and figuratively high. Take in nature while you…you know, take in nature. 

Visit the Cannabition Cannabis Museum

No list of cannabis-friendly activities in Las Vegas would be complete without visiting the Cannabis Museum itself. Unfortunately, Cannabition is currently closed as it moves to a new location. But once it reopens, you can expect even more of what made the original great— amazing exhibits that simulate the experience of using cannabis, plus essential heirlooms like the world’s largest bong.

Eat Like a Local at Other Mama

Ya gotta eat. If you find yourself intensely craving delicious food for some reason, you can’t go wrong with Other Mama. This off-the-beaten path diner is where Vegas locals eat, and you’ll be rewarded with a range of absolutely incredible dishes that will satisfy your cravings better than you could have ever dreamed.

Eat Like a King at the Buffet at Wynn

The Wynn and Encore Las Vegas

Speaking of food, there’s a lot of it at the Buffet at Wynn. But don’t worry— they don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. A seat at the buffet will get you access to delicious cuisines from all over the world, and you’ll love the fancy-yet-casual atmosphere that makes this a must-visit destination for cannabis lovers in Las Vegas.

Revisit Classic Sin City in Downtown Las Vegas

Before the Strip became the centerpiece of Vegas, there was another jewel in its crown— the original downtown. More than just a historical artifact, downtown Las Vegas features great places to eat, tons of attractions, and a laid-back vibe that’s extremely 4/20-friendly. Enjoy it solo or with friends— you won’t regret it.

Get Artsy at The Writer’s Block

Cannabis and creativity have been proven to go hand-in-hand. So why not visit one of the city’s havens for art, writing, and creative expression— The Writer’s Block. This independent bookstore is a beloved Vegas institution and also a killer coffee shop and (no joke) an artificial bird sanctuary. There’s nowhere quite like it in Vegas or the world.

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