The Green Guide to Cannabis Beverages

The Green Guide to Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis infused tea

We’ve all heard of edibles, but what about ‘drinkables’? Cannabis-infused beverages have become a major trend in the world of recreational cannabis, offering all of the benefits of our favorite herb in a range of refreshing drinks from teas and coffees to sodas and everything in-between.

Technically, the term ‘edibles’ refers to anything that features cannabis and is consumed by swallowing, so technically cannabis beverages fall into the beverage category. But how are these drinks made, what types can you find, and what do you need to know about their effects? Here are the facts about cannabis beverages.

How Are Cannabis-Infused Drinks Made?

Just like with edibles, cannabis-infused drinks are made by activating the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) in flowers through the use of heat and then combining them with other ingredients to create the beverage. This usually involves dissolving the cannabis entirely in the beverage.

Cannabis drinks you buy at the store are like any other cannabis product in that they’ll clearly show you how large of a dose is contained in the drink, as well as the percentage breakdown of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids featured.

Some cannabis drinks feature extremely small doses of THC, not enough to make you high but enough that you may be able to feel the positive wellness effects like reduced stress, pain relief, or anxiety. Taking just enough THC to feel health benefits without getting high is known as microdosing.

Other cannabis drinks feature larger THC concentrations, or no THC at all for those that are more focused on CBD as a primary ingredient.

Types of Cannabis Drinks

Cannabis fruit drinks

Thanks to the growing legalization of cannabis, there is a wide range of cannabis drink and beverage brands creating a huge variety of products. From flavored waters and seltzers to cannabis-infused coffee, soda, and tea, you’ll find something for every taste. Meanwhile, drinks range from ‘social tonics’ with just the slightest amount of THC designed for a light party buzz to more potent mixtures for those who want to experience a real high from their drink.

At Green, our cannabis-infused drinks range from the refreshing Lift sparkling water with a 1:2 ratio of CBD to THC to Just Society’s soothing mint green tea or honey tea

You’ll also fine a cannabis lager and IPA from Two Roots, both infused with THC. 

How High Can You Get from Cannabis Drinks?

Coconut infused drink

It’s easy to imagine that a cannabis-infused beverage might ‘water down’ the effects of THC, but this actually isn’t true. Dosage in cannabis drinks can be just as high as in other edibles, which means you have to be careful when enjoying them. Remember, edibles of any kind (including drinks) cause a much slower onset than other consumption methods. That means you’ll take longer to feel the effects of the high. Many people think they simply haven’t taken enough, so they eat or drink more— only for all the effects to hit at once, resulting in a bad high.

Just as you would with any consumption method, start slow with cannabis-infused drinks. Remember that there’s no rush, and simply enjoy the refreshing taste until you start to feel the effects. You’ll be rewarded with a unique cannabis experience that will make you feel lucky to live in a time when things like delicious, cannabis-infused beverages are available.


Our team at Green is all about helping you find the best possible cannabis-infused drinks from dispensaries in Las Vegas. Check out our menu to find the right products for you.