Inside SRENE’s 100,000 Sq-foot Nevada Cannabis Facility

Inside SRENE’s 100,000 Sq-foot Nevada Cannabis Facility

Srene Nevada Cannabis Facility

When you’re 3,000 feet in the air, “pristine” is the name of the game. A wrong move could mean sustaining injuries, or worse, fatality. 

Mountain climbers are trained never to cut corners or settle for less, and even when everything appears innocuous, they’ll always go over a mental checklist before making their next move. 

“Strong, Equalized, Redundant, Efficient, No Extension” – better known as SERENE by the climbing community is not only a reminder to keep climbers safe, but it’s also the source of inspiration behind Nevada-based cannabis cultivators and retail brand, SRENE. 

The brand’s co-founders were inspired by climbing ethos and the deeper meaning of the acronym; be precise, be patient, preserve, get to the top – and of course, enjoy the view. 

In 2017, they took this essence and created their state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation, production, and kitchen facility. Today, SRENE’s 100,000 square-foot headquarters sits minutes from Crystal Peak, a historical quartz mine and popular climbing summit just west of Reno.

Take a trip with us as we go behind the scenes and into the gardens of one of Nevada’s most prestigious cannabis brands. 

SRENE Nevada Cannabis Vegetation Room

A Garden of Precision

“As soon as you walk in, you know you’re in a different type of facility,” says Ryan Goin, Marketing Director of SRENE.  “There’s clean white walls everywhere. Everything is clean and put in place. All of our team feels the presence of high-quality.” 

SRENE’s cultivation space is where the magic happens. The area is fitted with a fully-automated hydroponics system, allowing the team to monitor and deliver on growth parameters like humidity, temperature, water and nutrient needs, and more, on a granular level.

“[We’re] able to take very specific data points that correlate to the visual health and vigor of each plant,” shared SRENE’s grow team. “This allows us to make more informed data-driven decisions for each cultivar, versus applying it to all cultivate.” 

Utilizing hydroponics also reinforces the brand’s commitment to sustainability. With water being delivered straight to the roots, there is little water waste or runoff generated compared to other growing techniques. The waste that is generated, however, is put through SRENE’s in-house water reclamation and purification system so that it can be reused, further minimizing the brand’s ecological footprint. 

SRENE prides itself on quality and purity which is why they use organic nutrients with no use of pesticides or irradiation. 

“We work really hard to give people the best products,” says Sidney Jenkins, Director of Sales. 

“Our goal has never been to flood the market with low-quality products to make a quick dollar. Our purpose has always been to provide clean and quality products to the people at an affordable cost.”

SRENE Nevada SubCritical CO2 Cannabis Room

Patented Formulas

Magic happens in the garden, but the real star of the show is SRENE’s patented Sub-Critical CO2 extraction technology. Supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction is a popular solvent-free extraction method, but SRENE goes beyond the standard by utilizing low temperature and low pressure. Through this, the CO2 is cooled and turned into a liquid, which then gently targets and preserves the terpenes and flavonoids. These compounds are then blended into the brand’s THC distillate oil to provide a punchy, cannabis-forward flavor. 

“The typical CO2 carts you see on the market are using the opposite form – high pressure, high heat – so you’re blasting the product, but in turn, destroying all those valuable compounds and terpenes we all know and love,” explains Jenkins. 

Most brands utilize supercritical CO2 extraction due to its cost-effectiveness, but it sacrifices the quality and flavor of the cart, she explained. 

“I always joke with people, if you’re looking for a discrete version of a cart, this isn’t it, ” said Jenkins. “It smells and tastes authentic to the plant.” 

SRENE’s Sub-Critical CO2 vape cartridges are 100% uncut distillate oil, free of botanical or synthetic infusions. Their patented method is also certified meaning you can guarantee no residual chemicals in your cannabis product. 

New & Upcoming

SRENE’s product roster includes a few categories, such as premium flower, vape carts, and concentrates, but one commonality between them all is their focus on genetics. 

“We believe that the best flower is fresh flower, so to achieve this we strive to not overproduce one cultivar. We are always searching for the next best strain through our strenuous pheno-hunting program,” the brand explained.

Among their most beloved strains is Daystripper, a double innuendo symbolizing “having your day stripped from time” and a playful homage to their Las Vegas audience. The strain, which joined the brand’s rotation last year, is a cross of Nigerian Haze and Garlic Breath and typically yields an average of 20mg/g of terpinolene. 

“A lot of people love it, so we’re definitely going to keep it,” laughed Jenkins. 

SRENE gave us a sneak peek into their exciting year ahead. Fans of the brand can expect live resin vape carts in April, followed by a live rosin cart launch soon after. Genetics will remain a flagship for the brand, with new strains joining their rotation in the second half of the year – some from well-known breeders, as well as a few in-house crosses. 

Also, stay tuned for a fun 4/20 edible launch coming soon! Be sure to follow SRENE on Instagram to be the first to know when it hits stores. 

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