How to Use Cannabis

How to Use Cannabis: 5 Common Methods for Consumption

Smoking cannabis is only one of the many ways to enjoy all the benefits that our favorite herb has to offer. Whether you’re completely new to using cannabis or have simply stuck to one method for a long time, it’s worth exploring the different ways that cannabis can be enjoyed— and how they change its effects and your overall experience. Here are 5 of the most common methods for consuming cannabis.


The method of inhaling cannabis is exactly what it sounds like— cannabis is inhaled in a gas form, getting to the bloodstream by first passing through the lungs. There are two primary ways to do this— smoking cannabis or vaporizing it.


Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Cannabis consumers who want to try and avoid smoke inhalation often turn to vaporizers. These devices heat cannabis to a temperature that’s high enough to release the cannabinoids that give strains their effects, but low enough that it minimizes health risks that can come from smoking. This also comes with reduced smell.

There is a huge range of vaporizer types, brands, and styles available on the market, some with higher quality designs and better overall experience than others, but they generally operate in the same way.

Hand Pipes

One of the most common ways to smoke cannabis, hand pipes are small and portable, and generally quite simple. They trap the smoke from burned cannabis inside, allowing it to then be inhaled by the cannabis consumer. Another point that has made hand pipes popular is their ability to be designed and decorated in colorful and visually beautiful ways.

Water Pipes

You might know water pipes by some of the names used to describe specific types, like bongs. These pipes incorporate water into the process, which is designed to cool the smoke before it’s inhaled. There’s currently a debate about how effective this is at filtering out any harmful chemicals in the cannabis smoke.

Joints/Rolling Papers

A joint is simply cannabis that’s rolled up into paper, then lit and smoked. The paper is sometimes made from tobacco plant itself, and joints made in this way are technically called blunts— which feature nicotine.


While less common than other forms of smoking, some cannabis consumers do use a hookah. Hookah will burn cannabis faster than it can be smoked if put into the device on its own, so it’s often combined with tobacco which can carry its own downsides. Still, some people like hookah because multiple people can smoke at the same time


Ever smoke cannabis through an apple? People love expressing their creativity with homemade smoking devices, though we can’t attest to the safety or health risks/benefits of the wide range of homemade devices used.


Cannabis Tincture

Tinctures are liquid extracts from cannabis plants, used to provide a controlled and concentrated dose that acts quickly and doesn’t come with any of the potential health risks of smoking or vaporizing. It’s often combined with small amounts of alcohol to act as a solvent, though vinegar or other materials can often be used instead. 

Tinctures are usually used by placing a few drops directly under the tongue. This leads to fast absorption into the bloodstream as opposed to swallowing and ingesting them, when they must first pass through the stomach and liver.


Oils are concentrated cannabis doses that are either consumed in their oil form or put into pill-like capsules. They provide easy consumption and straightforward dosage control.


Cannabis Edibles Baking

Any food or drink that contains cannabis is classified as an edible. Consuming cannabis this way can dramatically change their effects. Mainly, the need to digest the food before the cannabis can be absorbed leads to a longer period of waiting before onset. However, edibles also often lead to a powerful, full-body high.


Topical cannabis products are applied directly to the body via creams or oil. Topical cannabis won’t get you high, but it’s often used to treat specific physical ailments like pain, sore muscles, or other irritation.

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