How and Where to Buy Cannabis in Las Vegas

How and Where to Buy Cannabis In Las Vegas


Whether you’re visiting Las Vegas for the first time or have been a long-time resident but are new to cannabis, you may be wondering— where can you get cannabis in Las Vegas? In this article, we’ll answer that and other essential questions to help you find a cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas that’s right for you, use cannabis responsibly and legally in Las Vegas, and understand everything else you need to know about cannabis in Las Vegas.


Understanding Nevada’s Cannabis Laws


Nevada is one of a few states in the country where recreational cannabis use is legal. That means that anyone aged 21+ can legally purchase cannabis without a doctor’s recommendation or medical use card. 


That said, there are still legal limits about who can smoke cannabis, where they can do it, and how much they can possess at any given time. For one, you have to be 21+ years old to enjoy recreational cannabis (for medical cannabis users, the age can be 18 in certain cases— but only with a valid medical cannabis card). 


You can also only possess a maximum of one ounce of cannabis flower or 3.5 grams of concentrated cannabis at any one time.

Doctor weighing cannabis


Another important question to get answered before buying cannabis in Nevada— Where can you smoke in Las Vegas?

Where You Can Smoke in Las Vegas (and Where You Can’t)


Unfortunately, Las Vegas and the entire state of Nevada are strict about where you can smoke cannabis. Unlike California, where public cannabis consumption carries at most a minor fine, using cannabis in public in Nevada can land you up to $1,000 in fines, and in the most extreme cases, lead to a night in the slammer.

Cannabis and the law

The only place you’re legally permitted to use cannabis in Nevada is in a private residence — and this doesn’t include hotel rooms. You also can’t drive or ride inside of a vehicle while using cannabis or possessing an open container of cannabis.

How to Legally Buy Weed in Las Vegas

Want to buy cannabis in Las Vegas? Your first step is to find a cannabis dispensary. There are a few spread around Las Vegas, but finding the right one for you is an important step.

Finding the Right Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary for You

Although recreational cannabis in Nevada is now legal, many cannabis dispensaries still focus primarily on its medical use. These dispensaries carry more CBD-based, medically focused strains and products than you might find in a recreational dispensary.


If you’re looking to enjoy cannabis recreationally, start with a dispensary that focuses at least partially on recreational use— and that offers a balance of price and quality. If you can, you should also look for dispensaries (like Green) that are committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the production and sale of their cannabis products.

Choosing the Right Products

Different Cannabis Strains in Jars

We always say that the best thing to do when you’re unsure about what cannabis product to buy for yourself is to ask. Budtenders and cannabis dispensary employees are there for one main reason— to help you make informed buying decisions. You can tell them your personal goals, experience with cannabis, and other details, and they’ll help you select the perfect product for what you want and need.

Can You Take Cannabis Out of Nevada?

This is an important question— can you take cannabis out of Nevada? The answer is no. Any cannabis purchased in the state of Nevada must remain there. The only very rare exception is in some special cases of products that contain only CBD. But never assume that you’re fine just because you have a CBD product— always confirm that this is the case before leaving the state with it and potentially running into legal troubles.



Thanks to progressive laws that have made recreational cannabis legal in Las Vegas, the city and entire state of Nevada are a great place to enjoy cannabis safely and responsibly. Ready to order cannabis in Las Vegas? Browse our menu and place an order for delivery or curbside pickup today!