The Green Guide to THC

The Green Guide to THC: What is THC and How Does THC Work?


Want to get more out of your cannabis? Then it’s worth learning a little bit about what makes cannabis special, and what makes each strain unique. With that in mind, our team at Green wants to share some basic info about one of the most famous and commonly used cannabinoids in your favorite products: THC.


What is THC?

cannabis in grinder covered in THC

THC is a cannabinoid, which describes any of a group of related compounds that are the most active parts of the cannabis plant. In basic terms, cannabinoids are the compounds that are most responsible for giving cannabis its effects. They behave just like compounds found in our body known as endocannabinoids and sync up with receptors in the body to send positive signals throughout the body and brain.


If you want to learn more about cannabinoids in general, you can find out more in our [previous post about cannabinoids].


THC is one of the most common cannabinoids, alongside CBD— but there are many others, too. In fact, scientists estimate there are over 100 total cannabinoids, each with its own set of properties and benefits.


But when it comes to the most famous cannabinoids and their most iconic effects, the effect of THC stands at the peak. We’re talking, of course, about its ability to get you high.


Why does THC make you high?

cannabis bud covered in THC bearing trichomes

Remember those receptors inside the body that we mentioned? THC binds with very specific receptors, the ones responsible for the release of dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that’s responsible for feelings of euphoria and joy. When you hit your stride during a great workout, bite into an absolutely delicious meal, receive wonderful news, or see a loved one after a long time apart, your brain releases dopamine.


THC does the same thing, in a more concentrated way. That is what makes you high. Usually, the high lasts around 1-2 hours and starts roughly 10-30 minutes after being ingested. That said, the length, onset time, and intensity of the effects can vary based on how it’s ingested and the dosage level.


The high is what makes THC loved by cannabis users everywhere. But it’s far from the only benefit that THC has to offer. Over the last several years, as cannabis has become increasingly accepted both legally and in public opinion, it’s opened the door for expanded research into how different strains and cannabinoids can positively impact our body and mind. So let’s talk about the benefits of THC.


Benefits of THC

Girl benefiting from THC

While research in some areas of THC benefits has been limited, there are already very promising results, plus self-reported benefits from cannabis consumers at our Las Vegas cannabis dispensary and others around the nation. Here are some of the most commonly researched or reported benefits.


Pain Relief

Many types of pain have responded positively to FDA-approved tests, showing that THC can be an effective and natural form of pain relief.


Nausea Relief

Since long before recreational legalization, as far back as the 1980s, THC has been available in the form of a pill approved by the FDA for treating severe nausea.


Better Sleep

THC can be effective in helping people who struggle to doze off fall asleep more quickly, and help them fall back to sleep after being woken up in the middle of the night.


Treatment for Depression

Early research seems to show that patients respond positively to THC as a treatment for depression.


Treatment for Anxiety

Similarly, THC has been used in early trials to treat mild to severe anxiety in patients with promising results.


Increased Appetite

Loss of appetite can come from a range of factors, from illness to cancer treatments. THC may be effective in helping restore appetite to normal levels.



Chronic inflammation isn’t just uncomfortable— it can be dangerous for long-term health. THC can help soothe inflammation by reducing the production of inflammation-causing chemicals in the body.


Which Cannabis Has THC?

THC is the most common cannabinoid in cannabis, which makes it one of the most common cannabinoids on dispensary shelves. Each cannabis product on our menu is required to list its cannabinoid percentages, so you can browse the menu and decide for yourself which product is right for you. Some are extremely THC-dominant, while others blend THC with other cannabinoids for unique effects.


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