Cannabis And Fitness

Cannabis & Fitness: A Guide by Green

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Remember when people used to call cannabis users lazy, stoners, or couch potatoes? This stereotype has persisted in some circles for years thanks to movies, TV shows, news reports and other forms of false narratives.


But, guess what? As the science behind cannabis starts to catch up with what cannabis users have known for years, more and more research is revealing that cannabis users are some of the more active and fit people there are. In fact, more and more studies are pointing to a powerful link between cannabis and fitness that should have gym buffs, runners, and hikers excited.


So let’s cut through the stereotypes and answer some critical questions:


  • Is cannabis good for exercise?
  • What’s the science behind cannabis and fitness?
  • How can cannabis help me get fit or stay fit?
  • What’s the safe way to use cannabis with exercise?


By the end, we hope we’ll have given you a powerful look into how cannabis fits perfectly into an active and healthy lifestyle.

Is Using Cannabis Good for Fitness?

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Personal fitness is a complex issue, and scientists always hesitate to say that doing any one thing will, on its own, increase your overall physical fitness and wellbeing. A true healthy lifestyle comes from combining a series of good choices and habits, while eliminating negative habits that could poorly impact your health.


From that perspective, cannabis seems to be capable of being a healthy part of a balanced life. Some studies have shown that those who use cannabis are likely to have a lower BMI and less risk of obesity than those who don’t. Does this mean that cannabis reduces BMI and stops obesity? Not on its own. But it does suggest that cannabis users are not lazy or out of shape, and that cannabis seems to play an important role in their fitness.



The Science Behind Cannabis and Exercise

More research than ever before is showing that people enjoy using cannabis before they exercise. One study confirmed that cannabis used before exercise is on the rise while also showing that when you use cannabis before a workout, you’re actually likely to do more exercise than the average American.


So, what exactly does that mean? Does using cannabis before exercise make your muscles stronger or increase your physical endurance? Not really. Its impact actually has more to do with how cannabis impacts your brain.


Cannabis activates the release of chemicals like dopamine that cause positive feelings and supercharge your pleasure centers. When you start a workout feeling more positive, you’re more likely to stay motivated for longer and push yourself than if you started with a negative mindset. Meanwhile, the ‘runner’s high’ you get from hitting a major point of exercise will be heightened.

Our Tips for Getting Fit with Help from Cannabis

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All that said, it’s important to understand that cannabis use must be handled responsibly when it comes to exercise. For example, it would be unsafe to take a high dosage of a psychoactive strain containing THC right before lifting heavy weights, climbing a cliffside, or doing other high-impact or high-risk exercise.


We recommend that for your first combo of cannabis and fitness, you try out a small dose of cannabis before a very light, casual form of exercise. Try doing some light exercise in your own home before taking it to the public gym or outdoors. Start small before you go big.


You can also experiment with exactly when you use cannabis in relation to your workout. Some people find that using cannabis after a great workout can help increase their positive feelings and associations with that workout, which will make them more likely to do that exercise again next time.


Plus, cannabis has been shown to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness— the perfect post-workout recovery so that you can help your body grow and develop after a killer workout.


Just remember— always use cannabis responsibly, and never put yourself in a position that’s outside of your personal limits.

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