CAMP’s Vision for Cleaner Cannabis From Plant to Pure Extracts

CAMP’s Vision for Cleaner Cannabis From Plant to Pure Extracts

Since its debut in April 2019, CAMP’s vision has been clear: to craft the purest, best-tasting 100% solventless rosin. The brand introduced Nevada’s first solventless cartridges and climbed its way to notoriety with its unique extraction methods. These processes, using only ice, water, heat, and pressure, preserve the quality of the plant in ways traditional extraction methods, which often rely on chemical solvents, fail to replicate.

Now with nearly 5 years in market, CAMP boasts a collection of full-spectrum products that promise an authentic flavor and clean experience. Their commitment to health, wellness, and consumer education has not just kept pace with the growing popularity of concentrates; it has actively shaped the Nevada market and set new standards for product transparency.

In an exclusive interview with Darby Lynn-Wilson, an award-winning cannabis educator and CAMP’s Brand Educator, we had a chance to dive deeper into CAMP’s ethos, the evolution of its products, and how they stand out in an ever-competitive market. 

Understanding Concentrates & Rosin 

In the realm of consumables like food, beauty, and lifestyle, there is a growing preference for cleaner products with fewer harsh chemicals. As research expands, people are increasingly turning to natural alternatives in their daily routines, cannabis included. While flower, being straight from the plant, seems a natural choice, drawbacks like odor, discreetness, and ease of use have led consumers to explore other consumption methods.

Among these alternatives are concentrates, which are made by extracting the most desirable compounds—mainly cannabinoids and terpenes—from the plant material, resulting in a highly potent resinous substance.

There are two main extraction methods for concentrates: solvent-based and solventless. Solvent-based extraction methods use chemicals like butane, propane, or ethanol, and are extremely efficient and cost-effective. After extraction, these concentrates undergo purging to remove most of the solvent.

With the majority of the market producing concentrates in this fashion, CAMP embraced the challenge and recognized the need for a pure, potent solventless rosin in the Nevada market. In 2019, they introduced a first-of-its-kind 100% solventless rosin cartridge. Its use of no contaminants and promise of a “flower in a cartridge” feel made it an easy sell and a huge hit.

In our interview, Darby Lynn-Wilson shed light on CAMP’s origin story, which is centered around highlighting a key aspect of cannabis therapy: the entourage effect. This concept, embraced by millions of medical and recreational users, suggests that the plant’s various compounds interact synergistically, enhancing its therapeutic benefits.

For users seeking relief from pain or other health issues, this means potentially experiencing more holistic therapeutic benefits compared to products containing only isolated THC or a limited range of the plant’s natural compounds. Moreover, it’s a testament to how full-spectrum products like rosin can make a real difference in people’s lives.

Darby elaborated on this by saying, “When we’re extracting rosin, we really are extracting absolutely everything from the plant. We’re getting all of the vital cannabinoids, which right now we test for about 15 different ones, but there are roughly 140 that we currently know of, if not more,” she said. “So I think rosin is kind of proving that we are just scratching the surface of the potential benefits.”

 Quality In, Quality Out

Darby points out that CAMP’s acclaim is largely due to quality that is immediately apparent to consumers. She explains that the process of extracting rosin does not give the liberty of using certain starting materials, such as over-cured buds and trimmings, in the way that solvent-based extractions can. “The rosin you end up with is a direct reflection of the material you begin with,” she notes.

Preserving the plant is the cornerstone of CAMP’s cultivation, not just in preserving its natural compounds or refraining from unnecessary chemicals and treatments, but also in listening to the plant’s needs. She explains that they believe in obtaining the best harvest, even if that means sacrificing higher production quantities.

“We believe in timed harvesting, not scheduled harvesting.“ She explains how the cultivation team at CAMP works cohesively together to note the plant’s needs and monitor its growth patterns, never harvesting before the plant is ready. 

Growing Better 

CAMP is proud to admit that they have not ‘mastered’ anything, and they are forever students of learning about the plant and constantly evolving to better meet customer demands. One way they’ve done this is by updating the hardware in their disposable pens.

Darby explained that customer feedback has been a driving force for many of the brand’s updates in recent years. “Our new hardware is a complete titanium barrel with 360-degree burn around it. It was designed with rosin in mind, so the heat temperatures are set to be rosin driven, whether it’s a low heat setting for more of a terpene-forward profile, middle heat setting for your average consumer, and then the highest one for someone that wants a consistent, heavy hit,” she said.

This commitment to quality has earned CAMP a spot as a household name in the Nevada market and has earned them the accolades to prove it. CAMP has been the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the Jack Herer Cup for Best Indica Vape Cartridge and Best Concentrate, the Golden Bong Award for Best Vape and Best Concentrate, and a High Times Award, to name a few.

With this mindset, it’s clear to see how CAMP has gained popularity since its debut in 2019. Going into the new year, the brand has some exciting launches planned, so be sure to follow them on Instagram so you don’t miss out.

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