Brand Spotlight: STIIIZY

Brand Spotlight: STIIIZY

STIIIZY store in Barstow near Las Vegas, NV

Becoming a household name in the cannabis industry is no easy feat, but STIIIZY sure makes it look like it.

Since its founding in 2017, the SoCal-based brand has dominated dispensary shelves, earning them the title of fastest-growing cannabis brand in the nation.   

The driving force leading their success: an award-winning line of vape pods and battery technology.  Prior to their debut, the recreational cannabis market –  still in its infancy – had limited options for consumers who wanted high-quality concentrates that not only were potent and flavorful but could be used discreetly to deliver consistent quality hit-after-hit. 

STIIIZY recognized these demands and developed a line of pods with stand-out quality and value. It proved to be a winning combination. 

Since then, the brand has expanded its line to include premium flower, edibles, and extracts, however, its pods remain the main attraction. And although STIIIZY prides itself on its high standards and no-cut-corners production, the brand emulates an energy more akin to the palm-tree-clad city they originate from – one that’s laidback and effortlessly trendy. 

The name itself, “STIZZY,” is a portmanteau for their core values: “style” and “ease.” Like most things in life, however, there’s more than what meets the eye for this cannabis giant. 

Grown From the Ground Up 

Before founding STIIIZY, its co-creator, James Kim, served a 13-month tour in Iraq with the Army’s 101st Airborne Division. Like many soldiers, he left with PTSD and few resources on how to cope, he explained in a Forbes article

The most common solution is antidepressants, though they come with drawbacks. Kim sought a natural alternative that would make his transition from the military to civilian life much easier and with minimal side effects. Cannabis gave him that and more. 

Kim began using cannabis to treat his PTSD, but it wasn’t until years later he decided to develop his own brand.

I had a close group of friends who helped me create my first e-cigarette store circa 2013,” Kim said in an interview. “From there, we looked around and saw the development of specialty e-liquid flavors on the rise and started playing around with mixology….As e-liquids started to merge with cannabis oil development in 2016, we also continued to evolve with the market.” 

Using the grit he acquired in the military, his history of running a successful e-cigarette brand, and his knowledge of marijuana’s healing properties, Kim and two partners created STIIIZY. 

They envisioned a brand that represented the diversity of lifestyles and cultures in Southern California that used that platform to bring more good into the world – much like how cannabis did for Kim post-military. 

STIIIZY’s proprietary pod system amassed a cult-like following rapidly. Priding themselves on “real flower taste with none of the flower,” its pods use botanically derived terpenes that pack a punch in flavor and aroma. 

Today, the cannabis giant operates 28 retail locations in California and Michigan, with products available in three additional states: Washington, Nevada, and Arizona. 

Influence. Inspire. Innovate. 

More than a cannabis company, STIIIZY positions itself as a lifestyle brand, one that defines itself through three pillars: “Influence, Inspire, Innovate,” each represented in the three I’s of the brand name. 

Staying true to its founding principles, STIIIZY focuses largely on cultivating a community of love and compassion. Through their outreach program “Joint Efforts,” the brand has partnered with more than 45 charitable organizations, engaging the community and assisting with social efforts like helping the homeless, school fundraising, park restorations, and more. 

Along with its Joint Efforts program, STIIIZY also carries a line of products where proceeds are donated to charity. BLESSED by STIIIZY, which features strains exclusively sold under this line, promises to “not only get you lifted, but also make a difference in someone’s life,” the website states. 

Their next big plan? Bringing these efforts to new markets, like Las Vegas. 

“As we head into the New Year, it’s all about taking the next step for us,” said Lloyd Taylor, Nevada State Director of STIIIZY. “We plan on doing a lot more events in Nevada and truly bringing the culture here. We want to create an impact.” 

Some locals, however, may already be familiar with STIIIZY’s hospitality. “When we opened our Barstow location, a lot of Vegas locals made the drive out there to support us,” said Taylor. 

If that’s any glimpse into the future of what they can expect once they open retail locations in Las Vegas, they can surely expect a warm welcome. 

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