9 Best Spots Around Las Vegas to Socially Distance in Beautiful Places

9 Best Spots Around Las Vegas to Socially Distance in Beautiful Places

Beautiful Nevada Desert Sunset

It looks like COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And while we might be tempted to just shack up and enjoy the pleasures of cannabis in the comfort of our own homes, eventually we’ll need to get out and enjoy some fresh air. But social distancing in Las Vegas isn’t always easy. For those of us who aren’t quite comfortable being in the crowds of the Vegas strip or Downtown, don’t despair. There are plenty of options available to you in the area around Las Vegas where nature (and open spaces) are calling. Here are 9 of the best COVID friendly activities in Las Vegas.

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston Peak Nevada

Is the endless desert and red sand surrounding Las Vegas getting you down? It might not look it, but the area around Vegas is actually filled with places to get some green in your life (now that kind of green)— if you know where to look. Mount Charleston is one of these spots, where you’ll find resort pools, cool mountains, and plenty of hiking trails to enjoy. You can even camp overnight if you’d like, either in a dispersed forest area where anywhere is fair game or in a more established campsite.


Lake Mead

Lake Mead is one of the world’s largest artificial lakes, thanks to the Hoover Dam that stops up the river to create a massive lake and a stunning visual sight. It’s the perfect place to escape the crowds of Vegas without having to go on a major road trip, and one of the best things to do in Las Vegas while social distancing. There are even great nearby restaurants, as well as cruises that operate on the lake and allow you to enjoy meals out on the water without even getting wet. Now that’s what we call a good time.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon Nevada

Beautiful red rock canyon is a geological marvel, and is filled with all kinds of adventures. You can ride horseback on hidden trails, go rock climbing, and check out a wide range of wildlife from rabbits and coyotes to bighorn sheep and eagles. The best part? It’s only 15 miles west of Las Vegas, making it one of the best Covid friendly activities in Las Vegas that gets you away from crowds with just a short drive.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

This little-known park is a perfect place to simply relax. If you’re so inclined, you can head out on an incline for a hike— but during the hot summer months, we recommend some of the park’s excellent night hikes that allow for great stargazing. You might even be able to catch a theater performance, which often take place within the park.

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire may not sound like a fun place to hang out, but you’d be surprised. Gorgeous views will take your breath away as you learn about some of the oldest rocks known to exist on earth. If you’re fascinated by the history of the planet, Valley of Fire is for you.

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Milky Way

Just a short drive into California will take you to the iconic Joshua Tree National Park. These unique trees litter the desert landscape, and this spot is home to the annual fest known as Burning Man. But if you’re a cannabis fan, we bet you already knew that…

Death Valley National Park

The only place with a scarier name than Valley of Fire is Death Valley. Some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded on earth have happened here— but you don’t have to boil to visit. Going in the offseason will allow you to take it all in without sweating yourself dry.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon Beauty

Located in southern Utah just a few hours north of Vegas, Bryce Canyon is an absolutely stunning spot that you just have to check out. The best part is that it’s perfect for any range of activity levels— from a quick stop to check out the view from the parking lot to multi-night stays packed with hikes and adventure.

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